Lars Schwarz aka Bitrocker

Typography related things

Typeface name check tool

Designing a typeface and wondering if the name is already taken?

Incunabula statistics

Incunabula statistics

Images of metal type photos on Flickr

List of metal type images on flickr

Useless Google (Web) Fonts Statistics

A useless list of Google Fonts data

Some Social Network Experiments

Local filler usage analysis

Filler word usage analysis of local Facebook pages

Facebook Cover Gallery Oldenburg

Facebook Cover Gallery
for Facebook pages Oldenburg (Germany)

Localized Facebook Event Calendar

Generates a simple event calendar
based on Facebook events in Oldenburg (Germany)

Facebook Pages Oldenburg

Lists top 100 pages Oldenburg (Germany) by check-ins, talking-about and likes

Localized Social News Reader

Grabs latest Facebook page posts for Oldenburg (Germany) and
displays them in a Flipboard like manner

Facebook »Fans« VS »Talking About«

Compares Page fans and »talking about« metric
for Facebook pages Oldenburg (Germany)

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